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Introducing the Cust2Mate API – a powerful tool that empowers developers to unlock endless possibilities in the world of retail. Seamlessly integrate our cutting-edge technology into your applications, websites, or software solutions to revolutionize the shopping experience.

Use Cases

Explore our OpenAPI
use cases

Fitness and wellness apps

Fitness and wellness apps that suggest healthy food options and provide exercise recommendations

Loyalty program apps

Loyalty program apps that offer personalized rewards and discounts based on a shopper's purchase history and behavior.

Meal Planning App

Meal planning and recipe apps that offer personalized meal suggestions based on the items in a shopper's cart

Allergen Alert Apps

Allergen alert apps that identify potential allergens in products as shoppers add them to their carts

How To Use

How to Get Started
With Cust2Mate Open API


Explore API Documentation

Familiarize yourself with the request and response formats, authentication methods, and any specific requirements for integrating with our API.


Register and Obtain API Keys

Register for an API key through our developer portal receive your unique API keys that authenticate and authorize your access to our API services.


Integrate and Test

Utilize the API endpoints and functionalities to integrate our services into your application or software ensuring you follow the provided guidelines and best practices.


Open API Documentation

With our API, you can harness the power of computer vision, weight sensors, barcode scanning, and more, to build innovative solutions that enhance convenience, streamline operations, and deliver personalized experiences. Leverage the Cust2Mate API to create next-generation retail solutions that will transform the industry and delight customers. The future of retail starts here, with the Cust2Mate API.

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Hear What Our
Customers Are Saying

I cannot imagine running our retail store without Cust2mate's smart carts. The technology has greatly improved our customer experience, resulting in higher satisfaction rates and increased sales. It's a win-win situation for both us and our customers

    Yari Shlvele
    Yari Shlvele

    CEO, HaStock (Retailer Partner)

    I was impressed with how convenient my shopping experience was using Cust2mate's smart cart. Not only did I save money with the in-cart coupons, but I also didn't have to wait in line at checkout. It was so easy and hassle-free, I will definitely be coming back to this store.

      Pamela P.
      Pamela P.


      We like how A2Z has built a translatable solution regardless of region that has enough customizable tech to suit any solution ask, leading to significant scale over time. And we get the sense that just one converted pilot to rollout would unlock a rapidly scaling event

        Daniel L. Kurnos, CFA
        Daniel L. Kurnos, CFA

        Industry analyst, Benchmark


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