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A2Z Receives Smart Cart Order from New York-based Food Retailer Morton Williams

A2Z Cust2Mate announces efforts to reduce food waste and increase sustainability in the retail grocery supply chain


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I cannot imagine running our retail store without Cust2mate's smart carts. The technology has greatly improved our customer experience, resulting in higher satisfaction rates and increased sales. It's a win-win situation for both us and our customers

    Yari Shlvele
    Yari Shlvele

    CEO, HaStock (Retailer Partner)

    I was impressed with how convenient my shopping experience was using Cust2mate's smart cart. Not only did I save money with the in-cart coupons, but I also didn't have to wait in line at checkout. It was so easy and hassle-free, I will definitely be coming back to this store.

      Pamela P.
      Pamela P.


      We like how A2Z has built a translatable solution regardless of region that has enough customizable tech to suit any solution ask, leading to significant scale over time. And we get the sense that just one converted pilot to rollout would unlock a rapidly scaling event

        Daniel L. Kurnos, CFA
        Daniel L. Kurnos, CFA

        Industry analyst, Benchmark