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Shopping Experience

Discover the next generation of shopping convenience, personalization, and savings with Cust2Mate’s innovative smart shopping cart.


Unlock the Power of Cust2Mate

Learn about the array of benefits that Cust2Mate brings to your shopping journey, from unparalleled convenience to personalized recommendations and significant savings.

In-cart scanning

Customers can easily scan items as they are placed in the cart, streamlining the checkout process.

On-cart payment capability

Customers can make secure and hassle-free payments directly from the cart, bypassing traditional checkout lines.

Personalized offers

Smart carts deliver tailored promotions and discounts based on customer preferences and shopping history.

Eliminates waiting time

With the smart cards on board scale, RFID, scanner, and computer vision customer simply pay on the cart and walk out

Convenient and personalized experience

Smart carts offer a more efficient and enjoyable shopping journey for customers.

Enhanced privacy and security

Cust2Mate utilizes advanced security technologies to protect customer data and ensure a safe shopping environment.

Advanced features

Intelligent Shopping with Cust2Mate

Computer Vision

Recognizes products and tracks items in the cart using AI technology

Weight Sensors

Accurately weighs items and calculates the total price in real-time

Barcode Scanning

Quickly and easily scans barcodes for accurate product information and pricing

Interactive Interface

Enables shoppers to easily navigate through the store and view product information

Produce Scale

Helps shoppers weigh and calculate the price of produce accurately

Easy installation

The cart can be easily installed on any traditional shopping cart making it easier for retailers

Optimized Routes

Effortless Navigation, Directions and Optimized Routes

With Cust2Mate, navigating the store has never been easier. Say goodbye to aimlessly wandering through aisles and hello to optimized routes that streamline your shopping experience. Our smart shopping cart provides clear directions to help you locate items efficiently, saving you time and effort.

Whether you’re following a shopping list or exploring new products, Cust2Mate guides you through the store, ensuring you never miss a thing. Enjoy a stress-free shopping experience as you effortlessly navigate from one item to another, making the most of every visit to the store.


Hear What Our
Customers Are Saying

I cannot imagine running our retail store without Cust2mate's smart carts. The technology has greatly improved our customer experience, resulting in higher satisfaction rates and increased sales. It's a win-win situation for both us and our customers

    Yari Shlvele
    Yari Shlvele

    CEO, HaStock (Retailer Partner)

    I was impressed with how convenient my shopping experience was using Cust2mate's smart cart. Not only did I save money with the in-cart coupons, but I also didn't have to wait in line at checkout. It was so easy and hassle-free, I will definitely be coming back to this store.

      Pamela P.
      Pamela P.


      We like how A2Z has built a translatable solution regardless of region that has enough customizable tech to suit any solution ask, leading to significant scale over time. And we get the sense that just one converted pilot to rollout would unlock a rapidly scaling event

        Daniel L. Kurnos, CFA
        Daniel L. Kurnos, CFA

        Industry analyst, Benchmark