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Effortless Shopping with an Automated Smart Cart

Our platform enables retailers to intelligently deliver targeted offers and promotions to shoppers based on their shopping behavior, preferences, and real-time interactions with the smart shopping cart.

Retail Features

Powerful Retail
Features for Success

A2Z Cust2Mate offers retailers a transformative journey in the retail industry, leveraging cutting-edge technology and advanced analytics. Through the integration of big data analytics, technology platform, and business intelligence, retailers can unlock a range of benefits and achieve a significant return on investment.

Real-time Inventory Management

Automated Smart Cart System

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Retail Advertising

Personalized In-the-Moment Advertising

Our platform enables retailers to intelligently deliver targeted offers and promotions to shoppers based on their shopping behavior, preferences, and real-time interactions with the smart shopping cart.

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Customer Features

Elevate Your Shopping Experience As A Shopper

  • Personalized

    Customized Deals for You
  • Enhanced privacy

    Secure Shopping Experience
  • On-cart payment

    Seamless Checkout Experience"
  • In-cart scanning

    Effortless Item Scanning


Unlock the Potential of Cust2Mate with Developer Access

We’re excited to announce the launch of our OpenAPI, giving developers the opportunity to integrate and extend the capabilities of Cust2Mate. Seamlessly integrate our smart shopping cart technology into your own applications, opening up a world of possibilities for innovation and customization.

Our News

Our Latest News

Stay informed and inspired with the Cust2Mate Blog. Explore the latest trends, tips, and innovations in retail and technology, and discover how Cust2Mate is shaping the future of shopping. Join our community and be part of the retail revolution.

A2Z Smart Technologies Corp. ("A2Z") ("Company"), (NASDAQ:AZ)(TSXV:AZ), a global leader in innovative technology solutions, today announced the formation of the Cust2Mate advisory board, alongside the appointment of Steve Robinson as a member of the advisory board, to help guide strategic initiatives and drive company growth.

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21 Sep, 2023 / 12:45

A2Z Smart Technologies Corp. ("A2Z") ("Company"), (NASDAQ:AZ)(TSXV:AZ)($AZ),a global leader in innovative technology solutions, announced today a definitive agreement with IR2S, a distinguished integrator of advanced retail technologies in France.

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20 Sep, 2023 / 13:45


Hear What Our
Customers Are Saying

I cannot imagine running our retail store without Cust2mate's smart carts. The technology has greatly improved our customer experience, resulting in higher satisfaction rates and increased sales. It's a win-win situation for both us and our customers

    Yari Shlvele
    Yari Shlvele

    CEO, HaStock (Retailer Partner)

    I was impressed with how convenient my shopping experience was using Cust2mate's smart cart. Not only did I save money with the in-cart coupons, but I also didn't have to wait in line at checkout. It was so easy and hassle-free, I will definitely be coming back to this store.

      Pamela P.
      Pamela P.


      We like how A2Z has built a translatable solution regardless of region that has enough customizable tech to suit any solution ask, leading to significant scale over time. And we get the sense that just one converted pilot to rollout would unlock a rapidly scaling event

        Daniel L. Kurnos, CFA
        Daniel L. Kurnos, CFA

        Industry analyst, Benchmark


        Our Trusted Partners in Retail Innovation


        About Client

        Yachannoff, a prominent retail chain, has increased its order of Cust2Mate smart carts. This expansion is a testament to the success and effectiveness of the Cust2Mate smart cart solution, which has significantly improved customer satisfaction, inventory management, and revenue for Yachannoff. 

        June 2022

        700 Smart Carts

        January 2023

        1,300 Smart Carts

         May 2023

        3,000 Smart Carts


        About Client

        HaStok Concept Ltd. (“Hastok”), one of Israel’s leading home design and household essentials chain with 40 stores across the country. The partnership marks a significant expansion for A2Z’s smart cart solution into a new vertical outside of grocery retail. 

        May 2023

        1,000 Smart Cart

        Morton Williams

        About Client

        Morton Williams, a well-established retailer in the New York metropolitan area has made an order for Cust2Mate smart carts. This collaboration showcases the potential of A2Z’s smart cart platform solution, empowering retailers like Morton Williams to optimize their operations, enhance customer experiences, and generate additional revenue.

        June 2023

        100 Smart Carts


        About Client

        IR2S, a leading integrator of advanced retail technologies, will play a pivotal role in managing the installation, support, and maintenance of the smart carts. IR2S is well-positioned to manage and integrate Cust2Mate’s smart cart solution, providing local hardware and software support to ensure a seamless customer experience. 

        2023 - 2025

        30,000 Smart Carts