Simple. Smart. secure.
Cust2Mate — The Smart Cart platform
that Revolutionises Shopping



Cust2Mate is the world’s first proven-in-use self-checkout (SCO) smart cart for retail markets. It leverages advanced, user-friendly technologies to streamline shopping for consumers, while boosting the efficiency of store management.


With the Cust2Mate smart cart, shoppers simply choose the products they want. The cart’s sophisticated computer vision and weighing systems calculate the price and enable on-board payment, so customers can bypass check-out lines.


big data

With advanced Big Data capabilities, the smart cart constantly communicates with store management, keeping track of each shopper’s activities, preventing fraud and automatically issuing re-stocking alerts.


targeted advertising

The smart cart targets the customers’ needs and desires, while promoting the products chosen by managers. Its large touch screen guides shoppers to store specials and encourages them to purchase ‘hot’ products.


computer vision

When a customer selects a product, Cust2Mate’s sophisticated computer vision system, with its touch screen and integrated scanner takes over, acting as a mobile cash register. Special cameras identify and scan the bar code of each item placed in the cart. A built-in trade-legal scale calculates the price of sold-by-weight items. The cart’s smart algorithm ensures that customers can easily keep track of their purchases, while protecting the store against fraud. Cust2Mate is so smart it can even identify and ignore personal items – or children – if they’re placed in the cart.

Cust2Mate was designed for ease-of-use and increased revenues. While its user-friendly graphic user interface makes shopping faster and more pleasant for consumers, it also delivers focused direct advertising that guides them to special store promotions and discounts. As a result, your customers spend more time shopping, find the items that suit their tastes and budgets.

When the customer finishes shopping, Cust2Mate’s on-board payment system eliminates the need to stand in check-out lines. Instead, the entire purchase is paid for right on the cart, so customers can simply roll it out of the market.


Because Cust2Mate keeps track of every purchase, it keeps store managers informed regarding ‘hot’ items – and automatically issues restocking alerts. That means increased control and lower labor costs. It’s a real a game-changer for supermarkets.